Erasmus + Strategic Partnership School Education

Funding Call or Programme
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership School Education
The international project leader education
Overall aims and expected results
The aim of the project is to develop an international project manager education and a sustainable international network in which the pupils can practice their learning for pupils at the age of 13 – 15 years.
The idea is to create interest for international entrepreneurship for the young pupils. By motivating the pupils to work in an international arena, we will open their eyes for new dimensions of possibilities for developing creative projects based on the meeting and facing intercultural differences.
We know that creativity is depend on dialogue and inspiration. That is nothing new in the school system. What we want in the project is to raise the level compared to how the pupils usually are challenged by embedding the dialogue, mutual inspiration and project management in an international dimension. An important aspect of the project is that we want the pupils to develop the content of the education themselves. The project manager education will be created by the pupils through their work with different types of cases, which will be brought into the project. Through the pupils work with these cases they identify their own learning needs.
The results of the project are:
  • A tailormade concept for an international manager education directed school pupils in the age of 13-15 years
  • A developed curriculum with training materials etc. specifically developed for meeting the educational challenges of the students during a project manager education.
  • A sustainable international network to embed future courses
Overview of the process & Expected Activities
The project is a two (three is perhaps better) years project.Overall, the project consist of three main phases.
Phase 1
Analyses of the good practice examples and the experiences of the partnership. Definitions of case Projects etc. In the first phase the partners meet and decides what kind of case examples, which the pupils shall work with during the lifetime of the project. It could be very diverse subjects as:
  • how to engage pupils and how to make pupils engage in other pupils (personal responsibility and social responsibility)
  • how to engage pupils in vocational education
  • how to engage pupils for an active citizenship
  • how to avoid drop-outs
The subjects are examples. The list will be further elaborated when the consortium has been created and during the lifetime of the project.
Phase 2 Development phase
For each of the subjects the pupils must collaborate transnational to initiate concrete projects for reaching their goals.
During phase 2 of the project 4 (or 6) concrete themes are selected in collaboration with the pupils and the international management education will be build up around the pupils experiences learned from working with these subjects.
Phase 3 Test and modification phase
The developed international manager curriculum will be uploaded on the projects website available for everybody. The users of the curriculum will be invited to join the common network, which will ensure the sustainability of the results of the project after the lifetime of the project. The uploaded
International project manager education will be tested and modified according to the evaluation made.
Phase 4
Final evaluation and reporting
Lead Partner
The youth education department in Holbaek Municipality
Which kind of partners are sought
Youth educations/secondary school institutions or other relevant institutions
Deadline for receiving responses
26. February
Who to contact for further information


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