Invitation for investors

Adress: Mome Vidovića 7, 78420 Srbac
Tel: + 387 51 745 640, Faks: + 387 51 740 152


In case You want to strat with or to develope your business, we invite You to choose our municipality.

The Municipality of Srbac is located on the far north of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The north of the Municipality, along the river Sava, borders Croatia in length of 42 km, and inside of Bosnia and Hezegovina the Municipality borders its neighbours: Derventa, Prnjavor, Laktaši and Gradiška.

The Municipality of Srbac covers the area of 453 km2 and has around 20.000 inhabitants. The Municipality offers the abundance of natural resourses like agricultural land, the woods (beech and oak), mineral resources, and there are the rivers Sava and Vrbas that flow through the Municipality.

The traffic system and connections of the Municipality of Srbac are very well developed. The main road Nova Topola – Derventa M.14.1. (42 km) goes through the Municipality. This road connects the Municipality in length of 21 km with the traffic line Banja Luka – Gradiška, and in length of 42 km with the main road Sarajevo – Brod. Modernized regional road in length of 40 km connects the Municipality of Srbac with the Municipality of Prnjavor. The airport „Mahovljani“ is 35 km away.

Up-to-date main and regional roads connects the Municipality of Srbac with all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The municipality is 35 km away from Gradiška and 68 km away from Brod, the border crossings to Republic of Croatia. The municipality is also 203 km away from Rača where is the border crossing to Serbia. Much better and faster way of traffic communication with Republic of Serbia is across above mentioned border crossings to Republic of Croatia and with the usage of the high-way Zagreb – Belgrade. Distance of the municipality of Srbac from Banjaluka is 53 km, from Sarajevo 247 km, from Zagreb 216 km and from Belgrade 281 km (across Brod) and 318 km (across Rača).

The municipality of Srbac has other avaliable building sites in industrial zones „Crnaja“ and „Sitneši“ used for building manufacturing, service and other structures in order to increase employment and development of the municipality.

Industrial zone in Crnaja is 1 km away from the main road of Nova Topola – Srbac – Derventa M 14.1. and represents building site with modern reconstructed traffic line and quality infrastructure (electrical, sewage and telephone network).

In order to attract investors, Municipal Assembly of Srbac adopted stimulating measuremets for land bying in mentioned industrial zones, in order to build new structures. Adopted measurements consider lower land cost which in those zones on the market is around 6,0 KM/m2, and is lowered for 90% so the same is now offered in process of public licitation for the starting price of 0,60 KM/m2. Beside this stimulating measurement, the municipality of Srbac offers reduction of one-off rent which is in mentioned industrial zones 12,0 KM/m2, and is lowered for 66%, now it is 4,0KM/m2 for newbuild structure bigger than 1000 m2 in base.

Obligation of an investor who buies mentionead land is to build an object in two years time and let it into action, as well as that new object has to cover minimum 20% of total land area.

It is advisable for potential investors to address the letter to The Municipal Administrative Service, to which will be given a detailed explanation for all the necessary conditions needed for land buying and for getting the documentation for building.

We guarantee that we will provide You all the necessary documentation for business activity in as short time as posssible with the help of our best services as well as, if needed, we will take all the necessary actions with the highest law services and assure You with advices of the highly competent people in the field of Your interest. Our Municipal Administrative Service will also be on Your side and represent Your interest in time of negotiation with banks, suppliers and distributers, we will also do everything that You came out as „a winner“ from these business negotiations.

If you still hesitate we must tell You that we have various data bases which are regularly updated, we do network business and You also take into account that our primary goal is Your success. All this should convince You to invest exactly in the area of our Municipality.

Come and see our rediness and devotion to do everything for successful development of Your business. Remember, the slogan of our Municipality say: „Your success is also our succcess.“

Best regards


Drago Ćirić

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